Samsung has placed the open source portions of the rumored EB13 Froyo update for the
Epic 4G

live on their open source page. While this isn't something you can jump in and flash, it makes it pretty certain that rooted users will see the "official" Froyo before
Sprint gets it out, supposedly on Feb 21.

It also gives developers a solid base to begin work for custom ROMs that needed newer code and drivers, and should really help with the creation of an AOSP style

, and possibly

ROM for the Epic 4G. If you're a developer, or just want to have a look, point your web browser to the source link, choose the Mobile phone section, and search for D700 in the search bar. Big thanks to Samsung for getting this out pre-release and honoring the GPL. [Samsung's
Open Source Release Center

] Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Samsung releases source for Epic 4G EB13 Froyo update

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