Samsng is in a giving mood today -- not only have they provided the s
ource code for the impending Epic 4G Froyo update

, they have placed the code for
the Vibrant's Froyo update

online as well. Once again, this isn't something for the average user to download and flash, it's for developers to use and enhance the existing Vibrant software, or to use in their own flavor of Android for the
Samsung Vibrant

-- like stock Android flavors.

Even if you don;t have a clue what to do with these files, it's nice to see Samsung affirming their commitment to Android and the open source community. To get the goods, head to the source link and search for SGH-T959 in the search bar. Now get ready for the custom ROMs! [Samsung's
Open Source Release Center

] Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Samsung releases Vibrant Froyo source

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