While it shouldn't really come as a surprise since
Google CEO Eric Schmidt showed it off during the Web 2.0 Summit

. But Samsung today, has finally unveiled its NFC (Near Field Communications) chips with embedded flash. The embedded flash portion could be quite a key factor for Samsung as the NFC technology grows. The embedded flash will allow Samsung to upgrade the firmware on "in market" chips easily rather then have it's users using outdated firmware.

While the chips are not slated to hit mass production until the first quarter of 2011 no mention was made as to when we could see widespread usage of them in mobile devices. But, given the fact the Nexus S will possibly have the technology on board it's likely only a matter of time before we start to see it spread across the Android platform as a whole. Not to mention, many other platforms as well as both RIM and Apple have been rumored to be looking at NFC. Full press release from Samsung is available after the break. [


Samsung unveils new NFC chips destined for mobile devices

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