We've been seeing leaks for quite a while, but Sony Ericsson has finally made the
Xperia Play

official today in Barcelona. It's the first ever Playstation certified device, and the folks from Sony Ericsson are mighty proud of this one, as they should be. It looks like great device, and SE has went all in with their Android product line.

The Play has the new Snapdragon, and SE says you'll experience 60 fps playback for your

, and of course there's the integrated controller in lieu if a keyboard. If you're into portable gaming, and want a phone that can do it all, you might have just found it. We'll gather up all the details and fill in the blanks shortly, in the meantime the official product video is after the break.

Update: SE just announced that the Play will be shipping in March, and Verizon will be getting it. Can you hear it now? We have the official press release after the break.

Sony Ericsson officially announces the Xperia Play [update: Verizon!]

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