T-Mobile's crowing tonight that it now has "America's Largest 4G Network" -- and it's backing that statement with a new television advertisement. It's pitting the
myTouch 4G

versus the

and playing off the now-defunct Mac-PC ads (minus 5 points for lack of creativity) and sports someone who looks strangely like the old "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" guy (subtract another 5 points) and a woman who, while attractive, is definitely not Mrs. Douglas (there goes another 5 points).

As for the whole "America's Largest 4G Network"? T-Mobile says its HSPA+ network is up and running in 75 cities now. Which is great. But I can only be on one place at a time. And right now, the place I'm in doesn't even have T-Mobile 3G, never mind HSPA+ (which, by the way, is still technically not 4G). Apparently a half-million people in an MSA only gets you so much. But I digress.

Full presser and video are after the break. Whatcha think? 4G? Not 4G? Does it matter? [
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