Taptu has updated its popular Android app to version 1.5 with a handful of new features that will make users old and new pretty happy. Having fully supported

since version 1.4

, now they take the UI up a couple notches and offer some pretty slick enhancements. To start with, you can now enlarge the section holding the stream you're currently reading, giving you a better view of things you might want to click and explore further. You also have the ability to color code the stream headers, to tell at a glance which is which. Both sound subtle, but in practice they really are nice features -- the folks have done their homework.

If a nicer UI isn't enough, the search function has been enhanced. When you search a keyword, both the topics and content are searched to offer the articles that may have been missed otherwise. Says Taptu CEO Mitch Lazar:

Our promise has always been to ensure that no matter what you're searching for, we’ve got a stream for it. We wanted to give Taptu fans even more ways to discover new content in our app. We wanted to bring even more serendipity to what the app can offer, aside of course, from giving them the ability to customize the app to get exactly the content they want.
A couple days with the press preview tells me they have succeeded here as well. Of course there's other enhancements as well. Back-end URL shortening is available from within the app, the phone version now shows larger images, scrolling over to the right auto-refreshes the current stream, and the whole app benefits from new performance and speed improvements. In this bloggers opinion, they've outdone themselves with version 1.5. Taptu is still free, and runs on
Android 2.1

and higher devices. You can find the full press release, a couple more screenshots, and the download link after the break.