LG Star

is a device we have seen
pop up

a few times in recent weeks, but Engadget has gotten their hands on a prototype unit and put up a

. Here are a couple highlights:

  • The style of the phone reminded them of the Droid Incredible
  • The 4-inch 800x480 panel is "gorgeous"
  • Running Froyo but expected to launch with Ginerbread
  • Tegra 2 processor. And speaking of CPU power...
  • Benchmarks are fast. As in crazy fast. As in a Quadrant score about 2x that of the Nexus 1 and 67 fps on Neocore. And this not on final hardware/software. Wow
  • Youtube HQ and Flash playback went off "without a hitch"

So yes, I want one. LG will be at CES, which we will be covering extensively, so expect a lot more on this device come January. And if this is a hint of things to come from Nvidia's
Tegra 2

chips, we are about to see a huge increase in the computing power of mobile devices. Click past the link for more pictures and a pair of videos. [


Tegra 2 packing LG Star gives other phones an 'inferiority complex'

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