TI has finally put out an announcement for their OMAP4440 processors despite them having been shown off on the TI website for quite some time now. The freshly upgraded chip will feature two Cortex-A9 cores and when running at full capacity can pump out a total of 1.5GHz per cpu core. As noted in the press release, when compared to the OMAP4430 series that tops out at 1GHz you get the following performance enhancements:

a 1.25x increase in graphics performance, a 30 percent decrease in webpage load time, a 2x increase in 1080p video playback performance
You'll want to check out the full press release for the full details bu, in the meantime feel free to imagine your current devices running that. Wouldn't it be awesome? Sadly, we'll still have to wait until the new year before any devices roll out with it loaded. [


TI announces OMAP4440 processor with dual Cortex-A9 cores

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