Sure, the
Motorola XOOM

has a microSD card slot. But since it's
not currently enabled for end user

use one has to make due with the 32GB of on board storage that Motorola has included. Although if you're looking to expand upon that 32GB or want to use a USB keyboard, a method of enabling USB host capabilities on the
Motorola XOOM

is available to anyone who is either wanting to -- or already has rooted their device. You'll need to follow the instructions carefully and need an OTG cable in order for it to work but that's all minor pieces of the puzzle at this point. The hard work has already been laid out for you. So how is it done? Jump on past the break to find out for yourself. [

] Thanks, djunio for sending this in!


; Thanks, djunio for sending this in!

USB host mode enabled on the Motorola XOOM

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