Verizon has released a new update to its

Music app that finally brings MP3s, ringtones, and ringback tones under the same roof. Notably the MP3s will come without DRM and in high-quality. Other new features added include a wish list for storing songs for later purchase and the ability to send a song recommendation to friends, which will open the song's purchase page in the app. Verizon notes that some of their Android offerings come with the app pre-installed while others can simply go to the Verizon section of the Android Market and find the app there.

While the MP3s are competitively priced at either $.99 or $1.29, ringback tones will set you back $1.99, and ringtones are an astounding $2.99. So, while you could pay about $4 for a single MP3 and its ringtone, you could decide to save a little money and
make a ringtone or notification sound yourself

from any MP3 right on your phone. We will leave the choice up to you. Full press release after the break.

Verizon's V CAST Music app updated, adds ringtones and ringback tones

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