Feeling burned by that
Viewsonic gTablet you bought at Staples

despite our
review's best efforts to warn you

? Perhaps if it was called the Viewpad 10s you'd feel better about the fact that the 10.1" inch screen is fronting a mere 1024x600 set of pixels. Or perhaps our
look at the 7-inch version at IFA

wasn't enough and you'd like another peek at that running Android 2.2. Or maybe you'd like to see how the dual-booting Windows 7 / Android 1.6 Viewpad 10 (nee
Viewpad 100

) has progressed in the past few months.

We can tell that you want all of these things. Heck, you probably want to know that there's also a
4" version

floating around at CES that we may try to track down later. We're comfortable with Viewsonic pushing out lower-end tablets and we want you to be too, so go on and watch some videos and photos of Viewpads after the break

Viewsonic Tablets Hands-on. Hands-ons. Just a bunch of tablets, really

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