Our favorite UPS man just dropped off the
Vizio 8-inch tablet

(don't call it VIA anymore) and we cracked the shrink-wrap to have a look. It's 8 inches of well-made electronics, running Android 2.3.2, and priced under $300 it's something we have been itching to have a look at since it was
announced last January

right before CES.
First impressions? It's different. Very. It has a beautiful screen, and it's well-designed, feeling good in your hands. The edge has a gentle bevel, and with a full soft touch coating on the back it feels like you're holding something that should cost a lot more than $300. The software is also a big change from what we're used to, with Vizio skipping the standard Android practice of having multiple homescreens and an applications drawer. Instead, you have a user-customizable panel with all of your apps, and a "widget board" with your live content via widgets. We'll give it a complete run down, in the meantime there's a quick walkthrough, a handful of pictures, and device specs after the break.

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