It appears that a U.S. customer has gotten his hands on an
HP TouchPad

running Android, courtesy of Qualcomm. Details are a bit sketchy, but we can see an HP TouchPad, still in the protective film, apparently booting and running

. Could this be faked? Certainly anything is possible. But in the video ( see it after the break) you can see and hear the folks holding the unit talk about the TouchPad booting up with Ubuntu of some sort, then springing into life with a plain vanilla Froyo build. We also see the Quic logo, which stands for Qualcomm Innovation Center.
It makes sense that the folks at Qualcomm would be able to get Android (whether natively or running in a chrooted environment via another OS) up and running, they designed the processor in the thing. The real question is why they were working on this, and how did it end up outside the office in the hands of a customer? Hopefully we can find an answer, and it helps all those working on a port of their own. Hit the break for the short video.


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