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    Post [Tutorial] beginners how to customize the ZTE score in under 30 min

    DISCLAIMER: i am not at all responsible for what you do to your phone. YOU CANNOT GO BACK IF YOU DO THIS. i do not claim any credit for any of the files used. credits and links at the bottom. I thank you for reading this and all the help the community has provided me to get this far.

    - You must know how to transfer files from a computer to a sdcard, have a USB tether cable, and this must be done with a computer
    - The phone battery should be at least 3/4 full.
    - This entire process may take around 30 minutes.
    - You will need a sdcard with about 500MB free space.
    - Please follow each step in the order listed. skipping any steps may result in problems.

    • STEP 1: Download files

    1) download each file to the computer you plan to use.
    (mirror means backup download location, only use mirror if first link is broken)

    • STEP 2: install windows usb drivers for the zte score, and prepare the phone

    1) on the computer install the drivers file you downloaded
    2) turn on the phone and make sure to BACKUP EVERYTHING YOU WISH TO KEEP to the sd card
    3) plug the phone into the computer with a tether cable. turn on USB file storage.
    4) copy these files to the SD card from the computer.
    5) safely turn off usb file storage and take out the SD card.
    6) factory reset the phone from settings->privacy->factory reset or hard reset,
    7) After reset on the phone, go to settings->applications->development-> turn on usb debugging

    • STEP 3: Get rooted, install clockwork custom recovery

    1) The phone must be turned on completely and be plugged into the computer with tether cable. Then wait 1 minute (do not turn on usb file storage)
    2) on the computer go to file and extract the contents to a folder.
    3) on the computer, from the folder you extracted the .zip file to, double click ZergRushTempRoot.bat
    4) wait for the program to complete. it should take more than a minute to complete
    a. If it takes less than a minute to complete (goes quick and says error), then double click ZergRushTempRoot.bat again
    5) power the phone off, power phone back on and you should now see "superuser" in your apps tray. if no superuser, repeat step 4.

    • STEP 4: Make a backup

    1) make sure your phone is off and unplugged, insert the SD card.
    2) press and HOLD down these buttons starting with camera button, volume down, then power for 10 seconds (like a hard reset but do not wipe data)
    3) after the zte screen, you should see across the top of the screen "CWM-based Recovery"
    4) use volume down and volume up to navigate this menu. use camera key to select, and power button to go back.
    5) select 'backup and restore' then select 'backup' this will take a few minutes.

    (optional: from here you could stop and enjoy a stock rooted phone with a backup. but the next steps really make the score shine)

    • STEP 5: Installing a rom, and theme.

    1) from the 'CWM-based Recovery' menu of your zte score. select in this order:
    a. wipe cache partition (select yes)
    b. advanced
    c. wipe dalvik cache (select yes)
    2) go back and now select 'install from zip' then 'choose zip from sdcard'
    3) select
    4) wait for it to complete! this can take 5 minutes or longer and you must not turn the phone off.
    5) When complete you will be returned to the 'CWM-based Recovery' menu, then reboot the phone
    6) let the phone completely start up then wait 2 minutes after starting up before continuing.
    (optional: you can also stop here and make another backup to enjoy playfulgod's scor3d rom without the great black_ice theme)
    7) turn off phone and reboot into 'CWM-based Recovery'
    8) select 'install from zip' again then 'choose zip from sdcard'
    9) select
    10) let it complete, then reboot phone again.

    • STEP 6. Enjoy!

    1) restore contacts, login to gmail, etc. no more photobucket, uno, or documents to go.
    2) if it ever messes up installing a rom and you need to go back, there is a backup
    3) you can make more backups any time and it will save it exactly how it is setup.
    4) most 'custom roms' use some of the same instructions. you can try others at your own risk. links below

    more roms, themes, and information available:

    Welcome to Unleashed PrePaids!! Unleash the Power of Your PrePaid Android!!!

    all files uploaded and tested 7/12/12

    • scor3d Rom home:

    [ROM] ZTE Sc0r3d for ZTE Score

    Big thank you to Playfulgod, he made scor3d rom.
    you can also say thanks and stop by his site for more information about all kinds of phones, including roms for the ascend2!

    Welcome to Unleashed PrePaids!! Unleash the Power of Your PrePaid Android!!!

    • black_ice theme home:
    credits go to stark74 from and others for this nice theme.

    • modified root and recovery home:
    many thanks to steadman420 from for throwing this together, and amft from xda for the original cwm port.

    Last edited by indica; 07-14-2012 at 12:11 AM. Reason: sleepy

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