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    ZTE Score

    List of system apps to delete

    I was searching for a list of apps to delete that would cover the ZTE Score and couldn't find one specific for this device but did find one close.

    If anyone can complete this list for the Score, that would be great.

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    Well, There's also the Cricket Stuff that SOME People don't want, like:


    Just to name a few

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    zte score x500

    list of stuff i successfully removed.

    Advanced.apk - no clue
    Bluetooth.apk - bluetooth share
    BooksPhone.apk - google books
    Cricket411.apk - cricket web 411 service
    deskclock.apk - alarm clock(like you ever use it with such a sucky battery)
    drmprovider.apk - havn't ran into an issue yet with media or anything else with it gone
    factory.apk - not a clue what this is
    factory2.apk - not a clue what this is
    factorysinglemode.apk - not a clue what this is
    fieldtestmode.apk - not a clue what this is
    geniewidgets.apk - news widget
    livewallpapers.apk - wallpapers as the name implys(definate battery killer)
    magicsmokewallpapers.apk - same as above
    mobileweb.apk - cricket web browser
    mpcandroidsfc.apk - something to do with cricket
    muvemusic.apk - not needed unless you pay for the service and use the sdcard for it
    omadownloadprovider.apk - no idea
    omadrmprovider.apk - no idea
    picotts.apk - has to do with text to speech(i don't use this so) (needed if you want to use andy siri clone or eva)
    talk.apk - not really sure. have yet to see the app for it in the list
    talk2.apk - same as above
    ttsservice.apk - text to speech again (needed if you want to use andy siri clone or eva)
    userguide.apk - phone user manual(just takes up space)
    visualizationwallpapers.apk - more live wallpapers
    xt9ime.apk - can delete this keyboard unless you use it over the android keyboard which is latinime.apk
    youtube.apk - as the name implys( i don't use it)
    bubblebash.apk - trial game
    uno.apk - trial game
    myaccount.apk - removeable unless you use it
    mybackup.apk - can be removed if you don't have it as part of your plan or you use google to backup contacts to

    have also removed most of the google apps
    removed other apps as well, as long as you replace them with something else it's fine(ie. launcher.apk with something like golauncher.apk) (mms.apk can be replaced with go sms pro) (contacts.apk can be replaced with go contacts(leave contactsprovider.apk or else it won't save your contacts))

    theres more that can be removed as i have removed 70% of whats actually there.

    hope this helps.
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