need help please

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Just got word that there is an OTA software update for the ZTE Score. I have no info on what it does other than a ix for the screen blanking issue.

The SW update is available OTA. Menu>Settings>About Phone>Online Update.

Old version is ZTE-C X500_31_Z10_S_TS3BG312A_04

Updated Version ZTE-C X500_31_Z10_S_TS3BG312A_06

Let us know what improvements/changes you see, if any.

ok so i tried to do the update on my ZTE Score and it does not have an online update option but when i click on start update a screen pops up for like a half a second and then goes away without doing anything and also it says i am currently running version ZTE-C X500_31_Z10_S_TS3BG312A_05 instead of _04 OR _06 what can i do to get it to let me update the software?