Hey guys. I've been learning a lot around here and all it really does is bring up more questions, since I'm pretty much a blank slate, here.

I got the CWM recovery flashed to my Score, so when I recovery boot with the 3 buttons I can install roms or backup my phone and that's all pretty damn cool.

My question is about the SD card files after all this. Do I need to leave the flash_image and the recovery.img files on my SD card or have they been installed into the phone or can I delete those? Reasons for/against?

I am thinking that when I boot into recovery I am using something that has been installed into the phone, and only accessing the SD card as I select options, but I am not certain, and want to be before I start trying to free up space. It's rather limiting having this 4gb SD card with only 1gb usable, when you start backing things up and making changes all the time.

What can I delete on here? Some of this seems extraneous but not sure...

I've got this adc folder, with what looks like car advertisements and adcolony button images or something
I've got some folder named cauly with only some .nomedia file I don't know, and a 1Kb code file with like a string of 53 numbers and letters.
a folder named doodlemobilefeature which I never remember having an app on there cuz I know some folders I can delete after I uninstall the app.
There is a folder named LOST.DIR

the others seem important and otherwise occupy small space anyway.

Thanks for any input!