Hey everybody today I have another list I put together to help keep our beloved droid RAZR alive. I did not make any of these apps or ROMs. First off if you haven't already flashed your phone to cricket you should check out my video to help you get on your way. " link below"
Also make sure you have already updated your
Phone to the latest official ota jellybean or these ROMs will not work at all.


Safe strap recovery 3.11
Safe strap link

Make sure you get the one 3.11


1. Black widow HDish

If your a fan of the dark than this is for you very nice you don't need to flash gapps with this one this one can be flashed to any slot


2. Liquid smooth
Here is another beautifully made ROM for the droid RAZR based off cm10.1 as well with its own unique tweaks and add ons runs great no real issues except I believe the flash does not work I could be wrong though. THIS MUST BE FLASHED TO SLOT 3 ONLY!! create slot select ROM and gapps than flash. If WiFi do not turn on on first boot reboot to recovery and reflash without wiping aka "dirty flash"


3. Cm10.1 droid RAZR

Make sure you always use slot 1
And if your WiFi don't come on after first boot flash an older release without wiping boot all the way up than flash latest build if you desire. Camera does work including flash.


Google apps

This is the latest version of gapps for cm10.1 type ROMs you may have to update your Google search before it works


Enjoy !!! Any questions I'd be happy to help