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    Cool droid razr hd flashed to cricket used to have 3g now 1x only help to get back 3g

    hey guys so i followed the tutuorials all over {mostly like three or four related to the droid razr}. i followed the stickes by the cricketflash member and the started by chrisngrod and i got the phone fully flashed while it lasted.

    so i got the phone flashed i got talk and sms .
    then i buy the verizon sim from ebay new and whoola i got 3g, but the funny thing is that the 3g does not work right away you have to keep the phone on for like a minute then 3g shows up, so whatever it worked.
    now i am using bootstrap 2.1 i think is the version and on the rom i'm using the dual core rom which works fine {for some reason with stock rom i can't change songs via bluetooth headset but with this one i can}.

    so i flashed the phone last week order the sim card {got it on the mail yesterday pop it on the phone and i got the 3g}.
    so i was messing with the settings yesterday at night i don't know if i move something or if is just reboot the phone, 3g is now 1x and stil takes time to appear {the data }.

    the things i have read and done to the phone {i'm on official ics by the way droid razr xt912 is the model} ....while following the first sticky it says to use a different file on cdma while writing the nv items
    the one who suggested that was >>>> the user ezeuba <<<<<<< he said with that you will be able to write data to the phone and make stick with qpst.

    the user >>>>>>>>>>>gsdreams<<<<<<< suggested to ....

    ##PROGRAM from the dialer
    LTE Settings
    option 14 for LTE I turned off LTE bppanic, LTE Movement detection, and disabled Class 1,2,3 APNS

    Option 06 (test mode) Press Next twice then under network mode select CMDA/EVDO only. Hit back.

    Option 08 SMS/MMS
    Address for Upload to Online Album
    438749 > 111111

    Maximum MMS message size (Byte)
    1228800 > 228800

    SMS to Email Gateway
    Anyone? Currently set at 6245

    Voicemail Number *99

    which i did also i read another user has the same problem as i do
    >>>>>>>>>>> M.e <<<<<<<<<<<reply to him to change the inactive timer from -1 which is the default, to 5 {i'm guesing he refers to the vzw inactive timer} so i done all this that all the people have suggested from the

    new whiterabbit unlock
    turn off the lte's

    change the inactive timer from -1 to 5
    disable apn's form 1 through 3 also i remenber >>>>dina<<<< mention something about leaving at least one apn active to have data appear which i have done as well.

    select CMDA/EVDO only. Hit back.

    change the gateway, the mms maximum size, the voicemail, the online album address.

    {by the way i'm on wisconsin and my prl is 45522 that's what my samsung vitality from cricket has also the one my htc evo 3d had and data worked fine slow but it worked.}
    even after all this i still got no stable 3g i only get 1x and is not there a 100% all the time i really like the phone and i don't know what to do i figure put it under t-mobile but i really like more my cricket i'm just gonna keep reading all the tutorials and see what i can learn on the meantime while someone helps out on my issue
    thanks for reading.

    this is the first time i get involved into a forum it feels nice to help and give help to each other on what we all can. that's why i love the open source community.

    tuesday 02-26-13 10:27 p.m

    hey guys i got the safestrap 2.1 and i was wondering if i should start over.
    what i mean by that is connect the phone to cdma ws do the stuff from the first sticky then do the thing with qpst also from the first sticky and just start over cause when i did that the first time i got 3g also i was gonna try that anyways before i post this but since i got the safestrap 2.1 installed when i select the bptools i get booted into recovery mode automaticly therefore can't boot into bptools until i uninstalled the recovery so i can boot straight into the rom and program again but would this be necessary or is just a big waste of time please someone let me know chances are i'm gonna do it before someone replies just to see if makes any difference and i get 3g back until then ........................
    Last edited by vicente1; 02-26-2013 at 11:34 PM.

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