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Thread: ICS leak!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychopathic View Post
    I have applied the update, phone is now back to verizon. I cannot get cdma workshop to connect to the phone any longer to re-flash. (PC-Mode is no longer an option). Anybody know what's up with that?
    I was running into the same problem last night you need to boot into bp tools. I was able to flash ice cream sandwich however I did not have internet only talk and text. you can see the other threads here were I was having this problem last night. you may have to f x z back to 902. and then reflash your phone to cricket

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    Cool Surefire way of installing ice cream sandwich without bricking your phone. RAZR AND R

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Do View Post
    Sorry, i was referring to the ota for RAZR and RAZR Maxx.
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    sorry fought for hours and finally Un-bricked my maxx!! here is the instructio9ns and fully pay attention it willl take you out of error 07, error 0, and few others!

    OH P.S. have none sleep im a mess but stilll happy to say ICS x Droid Razr Maxx = God phone! so far exploring into ICS, i love the newest unspoken feature of all, havnt heard one person on the net speak of it yet! goto apps then to running or all, find all the damn background services and app you hate and normally root for to get them froozen or removed. not any more I'm staying away and far away from rooting now! motorola added next to uninstall disable permanently instead of uninstall or nothing at all!

    Oh Please if someone could direct me howto or were to get the info to make it so my CDMA Workshop legit version will communicate with the ICS RAZR I can't flash my backup flash file using CDMAWARE workshop if you could help there just me point me right direction. =)
    Tried MTP , PTP,and regular, rebooted went int o phone options holding all buttons at first boot. choose BPtool's when it loaded back in said SPC couldn't be sent to phone locking for 10 secs.. so im stumped on howto talk to the diag modem.. thanks HI5

    Link to the FIX Daniel

    Droid Me

    shoot Ill copy paste here!

    Droid Me

    MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

    Surefire way of installing ice cream sandwich without bricking your phone. RAZR AND RAZR MAXX ONLY

    This is 100% guaranteed to work if you have the correct tools.
    Pr einstall Checks:
    1. Original charger that came with your razr.
    2. Matts Utilities 1.7
    3. 100% charge on your phone. (80% is fine but be safe and start with 100% charge.)
    Download Links
    Ics (Ice cream sandwich)(copy and paste the link below to a different browser.

    Matts Utilities 1.7 ( Make sure this is completely downloaded before you start any flashing. Its almost 800 Mb)

    Okay now lets go through a few things. The reason people are bricking there phones attempting this install is because there not using matts utilities first. That is the key to getting this right the first time. You may think some of these steps are not needed BUT do them anyway. TRUST ME! So lets get started.
    Step 1: Charge your battery to 100%.
    Step 2: place the downloaded ics file on the root of your sd card.
    Step 3: unzip matts utility 1.7 to your main drive on your pc. (Most computers that would be the C: drive.
    Step 4: Click the drivers folder that unzipped with matts utilities and if you have a 32 bit pc then install the 32 bit drivers to your pc. If you have a 64 bit pc then you need to install the 64 bit drivers to your pc. Most older pcs are 32 bit. Most newer pcs are 64 bit. But dont take my word. Right click on my computer and goto properties and check so you know 100 percent.
    Step 5: After the drivers install on your pc, turn off your phone.
    Step 6: Turn on your phone holding the power button and volume + and - (thats up and down on the volume rocker). AT THE SAME TIME.
    Step 7: Select AP FASTBOOT
    Step 8: Plug in your razr or razr maxx to your computers usb. Make sure your computer runs usb 2.0 because usb 3.0 will fail. When you plug in your phone to the usb on your computer, your phones screen should say transfer mode. IF YOUR PHONE DOES NOT SAY TRANSFER MODE YOU DO NOT HAVE THE CORRECT USB CABLE. STOP AND FIND THE CORRECT USB CABLE. FACTORY CABLE FOR THE RAZR IS BEST. IF YOUR CABLE IS THE INCORRECT ONE THEN MATTS UTILITIES WILL FAIL. YOU WILL BE STUCK AT A SCREEN THAT SAYS WAITING FOR DEVICE. THE PROGRAM CAN WAIT FOREVER BUT YOUR BATTERY WONT.
    Step 9: Click on the .bat file that came with matts utilities.
    Step 10: You will see a black dos screen popup on your pc, let it load completely and follow instru tion. Which means hit enter when it tells you to in order to continue to the next screen.
    Step 11: You should see i think 9 different options. The only option that pertains to you is option 1. So using your keyboard gently or vigorously hit the number 1 on your keyboard for your computer. Follow the on screen instructions. It will tell you to hit enter everytime your phone restarts. This restart does not look like the normal restart. What will happen is the screen will go blank for about a half of a second and then come back on. As long as you follow instructions on matts utilities you are okay.
    Step 12: matts utilities will go through a bunch of different steps and after each step it will say okay or failed. It should say okay for every one if them though. When its done it will tell you to power off your phone completely and boot into recovery with the power button and volume up / down at the same time.
    Step 13: choose recovery this time instead of ap fastboot.
    Step 14: reset your phone to factory settings. Use the volume up and volume down to highlight the clear data/cache option.
    Step 15: clear cache.
    Step 16: highlight "install update from sdcard".
    Step 17: ics will now install without failing. Set your phone down and let the procedure complete. When you see install from sd card complete you can reboot your phone and enjoy the nice cool and tasty ice cream sandwich waiting for you. The reboot will take longer then normal as it is "optimizing settings".
    If you have any problems please post below or come to
    Droid Forum - Dedicated Verizon Android Forum - Droid, Droid2, Droid3, Droid4, Droid X, Droid X2, Bionic, RAZR


    at 7:40 PM

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    On the latest .230 leak myself with all features except MMS working for me. SIM card inside the phone.

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