Over the last few months, I have noticed my data becoming less and less effective. Have to reset phone every few minutes for data. Receive only 10% of incoming calls due to 1x issue. I have an HTC Hero. Currently running Hero Deck 2.3.7 and I reload Rom every couple of weeks and flash tokens zip file. Only helps a little. Tried several roms, no luck.I am in the Denver area. Live in Aurora 80012 and work 30 mi away in Golden. I have tried every one of the prls on the main thread.45713Hybrid works the best and gives me 2 bars and poor data. I found that 01039.prl works plus GreenK45 to give me best speed, 56k dialup comparable.I am on $55 Android plan. My wife had Moment on $35 and had 1 mb/s using 53113.prl, too bad it was lost.Sorry for the long post. I am just frustrated and at ends wit. The 01039 confuses me.I just feel like I may need to retire this old friend. Sigh.. Any ideas?