I had to have my LG Optimus G flashed to Cricket about 6 months ago - everything worked wonderfully until I changed my phone number with a few weeks ago. Now my calls and texts work fine, but I have no mobile data or MMS.
I've tried changing the applicable settings via the menus from dialing 3845#*970#, #3282##, and ##MyCricketNumber/MDN#.. some stick after reboot and most don't.
I've researched the issue for weeks and in the process have obtained CDMA Workshop and QPST 2.7 (both both builds 363 and 366).

With CDMA workshop a bunch of settings come up, but I'm terrified to change anything due to mixed instructions from various forums...
QPST installs fine, and I've added the COM port from Device manager and can see my phone showing connected in QPST Configuration, but when I open any other client I can't access the phone. For example, in Service Programming the phone selection window comes up, and I see my phone. Under phone it says Unknown, ESN is correct, Phone Number is incorrect, Banner is blank, and Port is correct. I select it and click OK, and I get a message that says "Online Connection Failure: Unspecified Error. EFS explorer shows all the same info for the phone selection box, and when I click OK here that box goes away but nothing else comes up.

I know, I know.. at this point I should just pay the money and have someone reflash it for me, but the fact that it worked before and all that's changed is the phone number has me convinced that there's some sort of simple-ish fix I can handle out there.

Last thing I tried was GO SMS - settings, mms, fill apn manually, entered the correct Cricket settings, exited and re-entered to be sure they stuck (they did), sent MMS, failed. Went back into settings and my manually entered settings had changed to MMSC of

, no proxy, and no port.

Posting this as a last hail mary of a hopeful attempt to get this fixed without paying again - if anyone has any ideas, advice, instructions, or anything else helpful to throw at me, please, it'd be superfantastic to get it done myself after all I've already put in.

Sorry for the novel, and sorry for the ignorance and greenness I'm sure I've made apparent :/

Oh.. and have a freakin' wonderful weekend!