I recently switched from Sprint to Cricket and got on the special 20gb of 4g LTE for $60. Which is a good deal for the current available network data plans. But I usually run out of 4g with a week or less to go in the month and I cant even use my internet or update my apps due to the SUPER SLOW SPEED! I understand that I used up my data and it will slow down but it is unusable! No YouTube videos, no updating apps, or even basic browsing. Is this normal for it to slow down to 20kbs or slower? I don't have wifi anymore due to Comcast ripping me off so I rely on my mobile network now at home also. Is there anything I can do to get it to a usable speed after my 20gb? I don't know how to update prl or anything like that on this device [ATT Note 3]. Any ideas, advice, or info? Thanks!