I just signed up for Cricket in the past month. All has worked great except for one thing. I cannot send or receive MMS messages between Cricket and Google Voice numbers. I also have an AT&T GoPhone account and I have no problems doing the same there. I also have no problem sending or receiving SMS messages between Google Voice and Cricket, its just MMS. I have both an unlocked AT&T Galaxy Note 3 and a Google Play Store unlocked Motorola Nexus 6. I have tried the APN settings from the Cricket website as well as many others I have found on various sites and nothing has helped.

The funny thing is when I first inserted the sim into my Note 3 and sent off an MMS to Google Voice it went through. That was the one an only time it ever worked. Could this just be a matter of Google Voice not accepting MMS messages from Cricket #s? I talked to Cricket Support and they only provided their APN settings but would not escalate the issue because I had no purchased a phone from them. If I can't figure it out I may stay with my GoPhone plan. Has anyone had success with this? Thank you in advance - Jim