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    Sep 2011
    St. Peters, MO

    No incoming calls

    So i have the sanyo zio. For about three months now I have not been able to receive incoming calls. I've tried all the reprogramming and reset options. I've called tech support, who knows how many times. I've been to every corporate store in the area. No progress what so ever. Every thing else works web, text messaging and outgoing calls.

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    Apr 2011

    Same here

    Well not my phone but my dads, I flashed his evo 4g and was working fine till sunday, he cwn make calls but not receive them, they go.straight to voicemail, I reseted the phone and dial *228 and still doing the same, I will try an older prl, maybe that will fix it

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    Laredo, Texas

    On the Sanyo zio two things: I would say *228 to see if min# has been changed or Call cricket talk to tech support but talk to real tech Support.
    On the Evo 4g: I came back to the min# because it is very important to get the phone work. The prl is the fix and what does it do when u make call. Example u dail and it say sorry can't complete this call at this time

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    Jun 2011

    nibs85: Zip code can be of help here. I have heard and seen some issues with receiving calls and texts not going through when using the extended roaming area. It would be a big help to know if its a local cricket calling area or not. If it is the case that you are not in the local cricket calling area(ie using their towers) Then it could possibly be a network issue in sprint or the cricket HLR. In that case a call to customer care to get a case opened may be needed.



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