I live in Gaston, OR in a rural area. My home address is in an area that is technically a 'roaming' area according to Cricket. The strange thing is that in 3 years at that location I have never seen signs of roaming detected by the phone (R or the triangle roaming symbol). Sprint is supposedly the third party carrier that provides roaming services to me for Cricket.

Beginning on Friday I was unable to get any service where I live (in that roaming area). If I traveled into the 'non-roaming' area, service was fine.

I contacted Sprint and they said that there was indeed a problem with one tower in my area but it has been resolved. I am still seeing no service in my home location (the roaming area).

I called Cricket support and they had me do the *228 thing (but that could have been prior to Sprint actually fixing the issue), pull the battery out to reboot, etc.

What do I need to do in order to reconnect the tower that was having issues and restore service?

Thanks for your help.