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    Angry Samsung Galaxy Disover Problems

    Hello all.
    I have had my phone for about a year and for the last few months I continually have problems with no internet connection, no mobile service and if I have a picture or a long text message, it will just sit with the "sending" note.
    I have tried stores, no one in my area has a clue about the phone. Not very professional in my neighborhood.
    There are times when I cannot get my wireless to turn on as well. Not happy with the phone or Cricket, can't tell which.
    I am hoping that something in the settings has been changed, as I cannot lock my keyboard and it is constantly changing my wallpaper, random calling etc.
    My main concern is not having connections, the bill is paid on time, no reason for this as I can see.
    Any help will be so appreciated.

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    What phone? And are you sayibg no one at those stores did a factory reset or anything at all?

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    you can atleast factory data reset your phone , samsung galaxy discover has a lot of problems aside from that , but you can call technical support and they can Troubleshoot your phone and if non of the steps are working , they can file a escalation ticket to their Tier II dept. hope this somewhat helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiseoldman View Post
    What phone? And are you sayibg no one at those stores did a factory reset or anything at all?
    in my experiences, this customer refused to do any sort of reset or update. they may also be on the wrong plan and refuse to change it.



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