Ok, I'm getting increasingly frustrated with Cricket. Recently, my incoming sms and mms messages are being routed to someone else, and always the same person.
The problem just started this week and is intermittent, though seems to ve getting worse.

I am using a flashed Droid X2, but my settings are good, it has been working for a long time. Still the first time I called I was told I would have to call a special tech support for flashed phones, however the number I was given went to a voicemail for someone at sprint.

The second time I successfully got someone high enough in tech to at least understand number porting, nit because that is necessarily my issue, but because maybe they would understand sms routing and know what syniverse or tmsi is (whomever cricket uses).

I gave him the phone number of the person that my messages are getting routed to and he told me I'd have to know their carrier. When I asked how I was supposed to call a stranger and get this info he hung up on me.

This is all highly disappointing customer service. I was already going to be switching in 2 months but I may have to go get a straight talk phone until then just so I can get my texts.

Anyway, no, I'm unable to use PEARS tool (my companies version of the tool that tells you a phone numbers carrier) for personal use, I'm not going to lose my job over this. I do realize that somewhere along the line, once of our numbers is in a database wrong, be it syniverse our what have you. I am assuming it is the other number since it wasn't happening until recently but then who knows.

So can anyone here help fix this or point me in the right direction? I would be very appreciative. I can provide phone numbers of myself and the other person upon request.

Thank you,