Hi all,

I've been kind of stumped and I was hoping for a little bit of help. I've been doing a ton of reading and tweaking and experimenting, and for the life of me I'm completely unable to get my phone to work with 3G!

I'm in the Chicago market, and I realize it's tri-band, so I was expecting some goofiness... but I've done quite a bit of travelling and wasn't able to get it to work in ANY Cricket market. I've swapped PRLs more times than I can count, I have it set for CDMA/EVDO (prl) in phone info, I've gone through the test menu and set the SIM and followed Chris' instructions pretty much to the letter and I'm stumped.

I BRIEFLY had it working a few months ago, but after it stopped behaving I wound up switching to my Samsung Epic. That's toast, so I'm forced back into using this phone.

I've also deleted all my APNs and created a Cricket APN. I've cycled my data on and off, set it to "EVDO only" and switched between that, CDMA / EVDO, and CDMA only. Then I tried starting all over from scratch, rewrote the NV items, put a stock ROM on it, followed all the flash instructions... nada.

I[m stumped! Any chance someone could give me some guidance?