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    Cricket on Bionic

    Quote Originally Posted by Wrecked Johnson View Post
    All im saying is good luck on that one, if you run into trouble you could purchase the legitmate solution from ztahoez PM me for contact info for him.
    I would like to purchase this solution and I've tried messaging him on CDMA GURUS and i got no reply. Can someone please hook me up?


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    First off, you only need to post in ONE spot to find your answer! -.-' And second, EVERYTHING can be found on the forum if u read! I personaly never flashed a bionic, but READING i found it takes an extra step in CDMA workshop to do some NV writing stuff. You will need knowledge of CDMA workshop QPST and just flashing in general! If you havnt flashed a devices in the past, the moto droid is not a good phone to start! Wish u luck in finding ur answer, but remember, dont bug ppl and post samw question in every post on this forum ^_-
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    if the phone is NOT on the account 3G doesnt pop up here ( Omaha NE). But after activating esn on the account 3G is working

    ---------- Post added at 02:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:39 PM ----------

    Thanks to Razr post and contributors about full flash solution for it. This is a way I got my Bionic to work with stable 3G and Cricket MMS apk with no time issues. All credits to Razr post contributors!

    1. Remove Verizon LTE sim card

    2. Make sure that phone is on 5.9.905 S/W version (if NOT see step 15)

    3. Install BionicBootstrap

    4. Download, copy and install rom (Eclipse 3.0) from SD card (Clean& fast rom
      [ROM] Eclipse v3.0 (6/5/12)

    5. Connect to WS and write: NV only, NV file, NAM, EVDO. Now you should have talk & txt!!!

    6. dial ##7764726 - under "01 User Activation" enter CDMA SID; go to "14 LTE Test Settings" - "sim type" & select "3Gtest UICC", "LTE bppanic" select "Disable", now click " Disable Class3 APN", " Disable Class2 APN" & " Enable Class1 APN". Click "Home" button & phone should reboot (if not reboot manually)

    7. Insert ANY ATT sim card (sprint & tracfone didnít work). This step tricks the phone and lets Cricket MMS apk work with not problems.

    8. Go to Settings - Wireless&networks - Mobile Networks-Network Mode & select "CDMA ONLY" (if you will the message "Missing SIM Card" you didnít follow step 7 or insert different SIM card)

    9. Dial *#*#4636#*#* - Phone Information - select (CDMA auto PRL) - Turn OFF radio (wait for 10 sec and turn on)

    10. PRAY! YES! PRAY! and 1x or 3G should appear after 20-30 sec if you did pray

    11. Contact the developer, Install Cricket APK, enter the code

    12. Launch Cricket Messaging app and FREEZE stock app

    13. Life Is Good!

    14. Root the phone (motofail), install voodoo apk and click "Protect", update the phone's s/w under Settings - About Phone - System Updates. Open voodoo app and click *** ( I dont remember what is says but click IT!!! ). Jump to step 4!!!

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    Droid Bionic flashed to Cricket only 1x and no mms!

    I need the apn settings for Cricket for my Bionic. The Cricket Razr apn settings should be fine but I can't find any.

    Thank you


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