I honestly use to like having a physical keyboard, however with the advent of great keyboard replacement software such as SwiftKey, the desire for one isn't as great as it use to be.

The Motorola Droid 4 was also a disappointment for me as well mainly due to the screen quality (or lack thereof ) and the non replaceable battery.

Perhaps this will be better. Perhaps it will never see the light of day. Who knows at this point.

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Unannounced Motorola Device On Sprint Leaked: Features QWERTY Slider, ICS, And On-Screen Buttons

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It seems Motorola is having a tough time keeping its upcoming releases under wraps. First, a press shot of the Dinara (believed to be the

was leaked

, and now somebody grabbed a shot of an unannounced Motorola device heading to Sprint.

Similar to the Dinara leak, the device seems to be running a fairly light version of Motorola's custom skin. While some icons are changed it appears that the Android 4.0 launcher remains mostly intact. Also similar to the Dinara is the presence of on-screen buttons. But this unnamed phone's biggest differentiator is a sliding, 5-row QWERTY keyboard.

The tipster only got one picture of the device and some initial impressions, so there's no word on specs. But here's what we do know:

  • It's very thick - apparently comparable to another QWERTY slider, the
    Samsung Transform

    , which is about 15 mm thick. Maybe this means they've managed to fit a huge battery in there, much like the

  • The screen is, predictably, smaller than the
    Galaxy S3

    , but no official measurement yet. The tipster does note that it looks to be about 4".
  • As this hasn't been announced yet, this could be far from a final design.

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