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    Cricket wireless in Savannah GA

    Theres a cricket wireless in Savannah, Ga hiring! Which is where im at MOSTLY!!! My moms in Savannah and my sister! I would love to have this job, But they sayd alteast 1 years of experience in sales is needed! Can any cricket sales reps verify that its nessicary for experience? Cause ive been looking for work for forever now with no luck. And when one does come buy, im not quilifyed for it.

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    It's not required and i'm not a cricket dealer/rep. Having hired and fired people i'll explain. Saying "one year experience" is just a way to filter out the number of people applying for the job. It also helps filter people who already have some kind of "training" or "people personality". It does not guarantee that those people will be good employees. Email a resume now and ask for an interview and talk about the three things below. Your resume should have some short sentences that, when read, would make the person think of the three things below. I would hire someone with less experience who fit the below over someone with more experience in one area only. Good luck.

    1. Phone flashing/programming/development skills & general knowledge of various and new phone types.
    2. General knowledge of crickets service, market, company goals and aware of the cell phone industry.
    3. Ability to talk to the public politely and maybe make a phone/plan sell or satisfy their problem, as well as, get along with co-workers.
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