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    1 reason to flash would be for coverage. in some areas cricket is better than boost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oriax123 View Post
    to change the spc to "000000" in cdma workshop after connecting and reading, send the original SPC to the phone, then go to "Other" tab and navigate to "R-UIM" and click read, then on "config" change that to "NV only" then click "write" tadaa
    Will this work on the Samsung Precedent? I need to change the spc to 000000.


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    [QUOTE=154-4bdu114h;25043]I just half flashed one of these, they're coming back to get the rest when they have the money..

    There seems to be a lot of 'security' on this phone from Boost, they really do not want you to flash it easily. So you'll be hard pressed to do any of the programming through a PC.

    ANYWAYS.. here's what I did

    1. Plug in phone in debugging mode
    2. adb shell getprop ril.MSL
    3. ##8778# > USB Mode
    4. CDMA Workshop > Unlock with MSL, won't let you write SPC but that's ok
    5. CDMA Workshop > Write PRL
    6. Unplug phone
    7. ##SPC# > Edit > write MDN and MIN > Done

    On reboot the phone should be half flashed.

    Full flash programming would have to be done in ##DATA# then most likely normal Samsung Galaxy
    can someone pls help me I got a Samsung galaxy prevail and can not get a diag port I have flashed a lot of phones and over all know wat I'm doing but this one has got me stumped I dialed ##8778# select USB, no diag port only modem I made a shortcut to dialup network since it wasn't in settings turned it on still only modem no diag port all I can think is a driver issue I installed kies no port install pdanet no port tried different Samsung cdma modem drivers and USB drivers still no port can someone send me the drivers ur using or some advices as to how u guys get a diag port I'm using a Dell laptop with vista 32bit phone is Samsung galaxy prevail on 2.3.6
    Last edited by oakieville; 08-11-2012 at 12:15 PM.

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    just done everything to this mobile,
    Use MSL utilities apk to get SPC,
    then dial ##DIAG# put SPC
    then go to quallcom menu and select DM+MTP+ADB
    connect to PC, install generic samsung drivers.
    using DFS or CW you can fully program this phone.
    here is 16 digit password 2012112120131219
    Only issue for me is , this is not catching any signals on 800Mhz, only catches signals on 1800MHz.
    after using 16digit password, you can writer everything...


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