Today I did a little test since my data was horrible this morning. I was on the $55 Android plan however, I admit that I'm a heavier user since I stream audio while in my vehicle.

The $55 Android plan is easier to configure on Android devices because it does not require you to surf through the proxy. With some of the phones I've been flashing as of late, just setting the proxy as and port 8080 with a shortcut produced by Anycut doesn't always work.

More often that not I find that you HAVE to use u2nl and the autostart APK.

When I came home I finally changed the settings on my account over to the $45 plan. I had to use Root Explorer to move the files into the appropriate locations and set the permissions due to the fact that the adb remount command wasn't working on either of my computers.

After a couple of reboots I finally got it working. The first reboot I granted Autostart Superuser Permissions however the Internet wasn't working. On the second reboot it was.

My Internet speeds clocked in at .58Mbps up and .54Mbps down. Ping was kind of high at 464ms.

I'll keep on updating this thread.