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    Apr 2011
    Greeley, Colorado
    LG Optimus C

    Question If i root my zio...

    Will i get more space for apps and stuff because the crick phones only have a lil space and i have a sd card but not all apps can be put on there

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    Try this program once you get root to move apps over to an SDCard.

    Move2SD Enabler (root only) - Android app on AppBrain

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    Apr 2011
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    HTC EVO Flashed

    Quote Originally Posted by AndroidDude View Post
    Try this program once you get root to move apps over to an SDCard.

    Move2SD Enabler (root only) - Android app on AppBrain

    Very Great Program I have a 32GB Micro SD and Several 16GB Micro SD cards I have Stuff on all of them! I just carry All of them which is a pain sometimes... But well Worth it

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    Huawei Ascend 2

    For the more advanced rooted user, link2sd is the way to go here. It's the fastest app2sd program out there. I keep nearly every single app I have, aside from system apps, on my SD card, wether they like it or not. I have over 100 apps on my Zio and 120mb of free space in /data. And they all work flawlessly with no lag from SD. You have to make a partition on your SD either EXT3 or EXT4 to use link2sd, which for people who don't know how is kind of a pain in the arse, but well worth the reward. My Zio is no longer limited by space. No getting rid of this app for that app. I get all apps I want and still have plenty of room to spare. I use a 16mb Verified 10 class SD. For those of you running custom kernels, you should also see about using Swap. Swap makes it nice when you have 2 or more apps open and running and swtiching back and forth. Speeds up the phones ability to multitask basically. I have a swap enabled kernel and used Swapper for Root to enable swap along with and older version of sysctl config from the market to enable swappiness. I just scored an 1101 on Antutu running at 729mhz. Booya.



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