I know some people somewhere will find this useful. I've been using the application called K9 Mail to collect e-mail from IMAP accounts. It works really well with my Android device.

  1. Get K9 Mail from the Market.
  2. Add an account (if this is your first account, you'll be directed for the setup automatically).
  3. Enter your e-mail address and password (next).
  4. Select IMAP (next).
  5. IMAP server address is: imap.us.army.mil, security type is SSL (always). Everything else just leave it as is (next).
  6. You may get a certificate error, but just accept it.
  7. Outgoing server: mailrouter.us.army.mil, security is SSL (always), hit next.
  8. You will probably have to accept a certificate again.

You're done. Setup the frequency the mail is checked. I'm not sure if push mail is enabled for AKO.