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    Wrecked Johnson

    Quote Originally Posted by steewped View Post
    Supporting your family is not a job its a duty you don't do the state does it and in turn I pay for. A job is something you do that makes money. This does not mean food stamps, section8 or any other assistance program so you can sit at home and play on the internet. 1 click flashers you whine about but it looks like your trying to make something like that. The reason you cant charge so much is the end user looks at the price of the new cricket phone and when its the same price as the beat up used one they have to flash lets do the math. So you claim your poor because you cant rape at flashing prices from the same poor people. There are alot of jobs out there but what it comes down to is people don't want to work. They want to sit at home with there tv, beer and weed. So what you have told us is you refuse to get a job. That you take government handouts instead of busting your ass. So anyone here that works for there money is already funding your life. We pay something called taxes. I'm glad you are proud of your Obama handouts. But some of us have to work to pay for the lazy people like you. "obama has done more for me then you ever have" Yes your right he has enabled you to be more lazy. Well its time for me to leave this job and goto my second job so you system suckers sit here and cry that your poor and wait for more handouts. Last and final here is the stolen "solution" that is free

    Dex if you really want a job I know alot of people and I'm sure I can get you one in your city that's close to a bus stop. All you have to do is ask nicely. Off to work. I like to know I worked for what I have.
    STFU you have the worst reputation around go back to ripping off peoples (ztahoez for sure) shit and your magic phones garbage flashing software

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    got something for you stupid

    here is something for you stupid.

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    A, A

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    Last edited by Dexslab; 05-08-2012 at 04:56 PM.

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    Wrecked Johnson

    Nuff said dex, lmfao

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    I'm not policing up this whole entire thread anymore. I tried, and it took too much. I'm at CTIA, and I'd like to enjoy it somewhat.

    Name calling and offensive language ends now. If you haven't grown up enough to pick up a thesaurus in a jam, you can find a new home. I understand people get frustrated, but this site was designed for the masses. I have a hunch that if I want to keep it around certain actions must be taken to keep it appropriate for a wider audience than just professional phone flashers.
    Please check the forum and post there before PMing me. I have over 674 unread PMs due to the fact that they are issues which should have been addressed here.

    If you need to buy something from (Ebay), please use this LINK every time and support the forum!


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