- Add button "Show On Top" (Log): Log on top of all forms
- Add tab "Connection" (Modem)
- Android TAB:
- Add "Device Properties": Ability to edit device properties(need Root, S-OFF)
- Add "Flash": Ability to flash device partitions (Boot, Recovery, Radio) using files from server, Autodetect device
- Tools:
-- Add "Unlock Bootloader"
-- Add "Relock Bootloader"
-- Add "NANDROID Backup": Backup all device
-- Add "Write Security"
-- Add "Write MID"
-- Add "Write CID"
-- Add "Reboot": reboots device to: Bootloader, Recovery, RUU(HTC), FTM(HTC), Download(HTC)
- File Manager:
-- Add Ability to edit permissions(For some files Need Root)
-- Add "Permissions Number" ability to edit permission as a number
Download CDMATool DFS