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    Unhappy R-UIM ? So lost!

    So I've been on Cyanogenmod for years now. I couldn't handle Samsung stock when I wasn't even on a plan anymore. I use Google voice/a hot spot for everything.
    I've been looking into CDMA flashing this phone to anything else capable of actually accepting it. I'm pulling my hair out - because the s3 is still a nice phone. I don't want to have to give it up too easily. Paying full price for it also makes me reluctant to give up so easily if I'm able to do this..

    I learned was R-UIM was today.. It extends the GSM Sims to CDMA phones.
    I don't have any other SIM cards lying around that fit this model - I have an old boost and I almost flipped the desk realizing the card was too big -_-.

    When I remove the Cricket sim card (Cricket lady said that the SIM card is basically only for 4g capabilities..) but when I removed the SIM card, Cyanogenmod booted perfectly (stock system would lock me out until I put one in). All it says is "No SIM - No Service" .. What does this mean ?! Because it appears as if no service information is stored on the actual phone itself ! This is confusing the heck out of me... I just wish I had another SIM to test it with to see what it does.
    I know its a CDMA phone - which I believe would not function at all on a GSM network, even if I had something like an AT&T SIM; Its still a CDMA phone.

    I'm looking at flashing to Boost.. Or anything else pre-paid that could possibly still be on CDMA networks that would use something like a R-UIM to extend GSM to CDMA as well.. Is this even possible ? ...

    Am I completely in the wrong and cricket has locked this phone down so tightly that its a doomed to stay a wifi device ? .. I'm willing to accept that if its true... But I feel so close to being able to actually do something network wise..

    What kind of company makes a crossband phone then makes them obsolete ?! I blame AT&T frankly... But I know theres still CDMA services out there who won't give up on it as quickly!

    I'm new to service flashing. I'm willing to learn all I need to/eventually pay what I have to if I need a legit CDMA workshop.

    Annny help/guidance/bashing/teaching anyyything is greatly welcome. Even if you need to tell me to stfu and its not possible.. Thats all.... As much as I'd like to see "Just stick an activated Boost card in their and you're good to go!"; I don't think thats the case. .

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    One of the CDMA carriers that might accept this phones Page plus which is a Verizon MVNO.

    To test out its GSM capabilities I suggest going to eBay and purchasing a few micro SIM cards of at&t MVNOs such as Red Pocket, H2O, and Aircvoice. There is a possibility that cricKet only allows foreign SIM cards for travelers which would roam if used here. For this situation flashing would be the only way to use this phone on another network.



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