...but no. So here I am, and I REALLY need some advice. I have a SG3 that I flashed to Cricket, and everything except MMS was working, even with GOSMS. So I open up DFS and thought I would re-program the settings. Well, I'm not sure how, but I believe I've somehow managed to remove my phones MEID and ESN numbers, programming parameters such as account information, data provisioning parameters, ID numbers, etc. My network no longer knows I even exist!! But wait, there is more. DFS now gives me errors (naturally), so I am unable to fix what I've done. It sites CPS_ERRORS and BAD_CMD, then says complete, then abort. NOOOOOO!! Anybody have any ideas? I've tried different computers, different USB ports, QPST, CDMA WS, etc. Please help me communicate once again!