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    One V - OTA EPST issue noticed

    I found out prior to this update by talking with cricket & HTC themselves that according to them the ONE V is 4G compatible (how without the 4G card slot i don't know)... Before the OTA i got into the EPST programming ##3282# then edit mode using 000000 and immediately pressing vol down button gives you these options (automatic/HDR only/CDMA only/CDMA HDR only/CDMA HDR LTE only/LTE only/CDMA LTE only).... After doing the HTC OTA software update it only gives every other option BESIDES THE LTE options to select... So needless to say I ran the RUU back to the 1.10.1050.5 software and low and behold the full selection list returned.. On a side note, I didn't personally experience any improvement in battery performance with the OTA update either, I just went into the app list and disabled all the needless installed apps and that did in fact make a difference in battery life and performance.
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    I was curios when u say "
    4G card

    slot" u dont mean literally do you? I understand it to be part of the radio is where that functionality lies. But you never know so i had to ask. Because i thought well maybe they did make some kind of a port or something to stick a 4g card into, so i just wanted to see if i can learn something today. but if it shows LTE as an option in the EPST settings well then you have the ability to access a 4g network, i do believe that your phone had a selling point of having 4g capabilities, i learned that wimax is considered a protocol of 4g so you never know what exactly they are up to.

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