I've been avidly installing CM11 Nightly updates daily. The last week or so of updates have been.. a little less than stable. On reboot after flashing the update, PRL's are gone, Network is unknown (even with 4g SIM in) IMEI is unreadable. Etc. Nothing works, not even sound. I know its mainly on CM's end, theres been tickets and what not put out..

I'm curious if Cricket has any new baseband versions out that I'm unaware of..
I'm on MK3 as per I believe the last Jellybean official update threw in there. Did Cricket ever get a 4.4 with a new baseband ? ..

I ask because users on the CM forum have updated their versions to some success in getting the latest CM11 nightlies to work properly. I've googled and searched and can't find anything on baseband versions unless it points to an off-topic topic here..
I feel these things are like 3rd rate and going completely extinct with this GSM switch as well...

Sad times...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know eventually CM will get something figured out, but in the mean time I want to play, and if I'm missing something (like a version update) I can put that in and help the CM community figure this problem out.

Thanks in advance.