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Thread: Google Wallet

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    Google Wallet

    Hey guys just thought I'd ask if anyone knows why Google Wallet will not work with my phone? I just got my wife a brand new Sammy SIII and right out of the box after her system update she was offered Google Wallet service and it works I've used it! What the hell lol.

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    Also thought I mention that I unrooted my phone and went back to stock and got multi window and more yay =). but no Google Wallet and when I go to the play store it says its unavailable for my device.

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    Wow what timing I went threw her phone and saw that their was an update so I updated it and lol its now unavailable for her phone. hmmm I think it may be a sign they are working on it. we just used it two days ago and bought things here and there at Walgreens. interesting.

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    This question had been answered. Cricket was trying to compete with their own payment service and blocked the user of Google wallet

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