Verizon Iphone 4s 64 GB Bad Esn

i have an iphone 4s 64gb in good condition only issues has bad esn which means you cannot connect it with verizon no more can be used to cricket metro pcs and tmobile yes tmobile all you need is a gevey sims and unlock it and there you go comes and also barly noticeable in the middle of the screen is alittle brighter like a said barly noticeable look in the picture to see if you see it also comes with charger and beer bottle opener case 3 screen orotectors phone works 100% ( By Bidding on item you Acknowledge the issue which bad esn) Do not bid if you do not know what a bad esn is no shipping international or no returns

Please make sure you read the details before bidding on item like i said no returns or shipping international thank you good luck

(FIRMWARE 6.0.1)

List Date: 1/11/2013

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