ZTE Engage V8000

ZTE Engage V8000 Android smartphone
Used about 6 days and has all paperwork, and stock accessories (Charger, USB Data Cable, 4Gb dual partitioned micro sd card, Li-io battery)
Purchased on 10-10-2012 from Cricket Wireless.
Service is active until 11-9-2012 from current billing cycle.

Unlimited talk and text - $60 mo
Data plan is 2.5Gb mo.
Handset Protection - $5.00
Phone Hardware - $249.99
Paid $335
Selling for $275 + $10 S&H

This device HAS NOT been rooted, modded or flashed. Everything is as it is from the store.

List Date: 10/16/2012

For more info, check out this listing in the Cricket Users marketplace: ZTE Engage V8000
On Sale For: $275 + $10 Shipping
Retails for: $335 | You Save $60 | That's a 17% Discount!