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    LG OPTIMUS REGARD stock rom/firmware help

    Good morning everyone. I'm looking for the stock rom or firmware for the lg optimus regard. Sammyz said he can get it if someone is willing to provide their IMEI. I do not have the optimus regard but I have the lg motion. I'm currently working on changing my motion to an optimus regard. This is the last thing I need before I go to a cricket store and try to activate

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    I soft-bricked the Regard when freezing to many no-no apps with systemapk.apk.

    One of them was google books, go figure.

    I did the fix the soft brick, with the assistance of sammyz, but the Firmware / ROM was a MetroPCS and now I need a stock Cricket ROM / Firmware so I can get connected with their plan within 2 Days.

    So NOW I'm also searching for a "stock" Cricket LG Regard ROM me own self.
    I'm logged into this board but I get an "Access Denied" error on all the links to the Regard Rom.

    Anyone have a link.... PLZ...


    the reason that there is NO ROMS/ or Firmware for the LG REGARD is because Cricket doesn't want to loose $50 or 60 for THEM only to flash the phone.

    Unlike most other greater service providers, who know that the more the people that can flash their phones themselves the MORE money they will make, rather than charging $60 for each flash and LOOSING thousands of potential customers.

    IT is exactly like this....
    rather than having say 1000 customers spending $50 per month, Cricket would rather SCARE off potential customers loosing the $600 per year for each of the 1000 because of the price of a flash.

    In other words.... Throwing away $600 for 10% of that amount. Where I come from, that's called... "a dollar waiting on a dime."

    So if just 1000 potential Cricket uses don't have the upfront $60 to flash a phone, Cricket would rather loose $600,000 (over half a MILLION.) so they MIGHT make $60,000.

    That's their "policy" and they sticking to it.

    You kind of wonder if anyone at Cricket management can do any math what-so-ever.

    And what if .... 10000 (ten thousand) wanted to flash their own phones, and walked away because they didn't have the extra money to PAY for it to be done for them. HUMMMMM? that is ....
    $6,000,000 (MILLION) per year that Cricket is scaring off gambling to make $600,000, which they WONT make. HUMMM?

    Savvy? Well I don't, they ran me off, and didn't get the "flash" money.
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