Easy Adb Tool For All Android Devices


What is it Easy ADB Tool for All Androids?

This program can do pretty much what you need it to do in adb.exe. You can push, pull, dump files and much more. This is the first release so its kinda weak at the moment. There is also an auto update feature. Instead of looking for updates, just open the program. If any updates are available, the program will install them automatically.


ADB drivers preinstalled.

Root is required in SOME cases, not all.

Debug mode enabled on your device.

Any Android OS is capabilities

Windows computer

Easy Adb Tool For All Android Devices

How to

This is a 'What You See Is What You Get' type program. There's no directions. I will include a manual in a later release. Just play around and enjoy!
Remember to make a backup before messing with /system files!

Release info

1.1.0 - 2.0.0
(Coming Soon)

* Error Script
* Shell Commands
* Network Commands
* FastBoot Commands
*Better Navigation
* Typo Corrections
(I'm sure theres typos lol)

1.0.0 (Release)
* Auto Update
* Pull
* Push
* Install
* Debuging Commands
* System dump
* Data Dumb
* Mount / Remount
* Server Kill
* Server Start

Credits: Thanks Chrisngrod for testing this for me =]

*** If you would like to help please send a PM my way! Im not afraid to share ***