This phone will most likely be able to be flashed to Cricket so we'll post a little news on it.

Motorola Daytona to launch as Droid X2, feature dual-core Tegra processor?

Taylor Wimberly

on Jan 26, 2011 at 10:58 am

Motorola recently adopted NVIDIA’s
Tegra 2

processor for their high-end phones (Atrix 4G and Bionic), so it makes sense that the two companies might be collaborating on even more devices. This past week, rumors began to pop up that NVIDIA would power the successor to the Droid X, codenamed Daytona. First we had the often-reliable Kellen of
Droid Life

weigh in and now Ray Willington of

says one of his trusted sources has told him the same thing.

The Motorola Daytona, or Droid X2, is said to feature a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 4.3 inch display with qHD resolution (540 x 960), and all the other bells and whistles found in the original Droid X like 8 MP camera, HDMI out, and HD video capture. HotHardware claims the operating system is currently set at Android 2.2, but surely Motorola will update that by the rumored launch date of May.

Kellen thinks the Droid X2 will not be a 4G LTE device, but Ray says there is no way to know at this point. Since the Droid brand has traditionally focused on the high-end market I tend to believe that Verizon would make this a 4G handset.
At this point everything is just hearsay, but I believe there is some truth behind both of these reports. May is not too far away, so maybe Verizon will reveal some more details on this device at CTIA in March. If you want to help us do some digging, be on the lookout for anything labeled Daytona.