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    I need help flashing my phone and I'm starting a new thread for it.

    Because I'm pretty sure nobody's paying attention to the old, relevant ones.

    For starters, phone specs.

    Motorola Photon Q 4G

    This phone has a sticky thread tutorial. I have been trying to follow it, and I can actually get pretty far, BUT my phone does not behave as is shown in the videos, and I thus cannot be sure if what is needing to happen is happening.

    But one of my most major concerns is that the Photon Q has no SIM slot. How can you flash a phone to Cricket when it doesn't have a SIM card? Cricket only uses SIM cards. Right? Am I wrong? Is the tutorial obsolete? Did I buy the wrong phone? I got it from a guy in Florida. He was using it with Sprint.

    Like, seriously. How. Howwwww (((( I'm dying here...

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    Go to Crickets site and check. Try out the "other" and enter the IMEI. More than likely, the old video was made for phones that were CDMA without a sim and it probably doesnt apply anymore if ATT/Cricket requires a GSM with a sim type phone.

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    Yes... The Photon 4Q on Sprint is CDMA and will not work on the new Cricket. There are prepaid carriers like Ring Plus and Ting where you can activate the phone. If you want to use Cricket with a keyboard slider phone, I suggest looking for a Samsung Captivate Glide. Good luck.



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