Yesterday was Memorial Day, and not finding the time to say thanks then, i would like to say thanks today! (Better Late then never right?) Chris has made this Great site for us all to enjoy, learn, and to help others and be helped from others! And as some might know, Chris helps us ALOT! On the site and this country! I dont have any details of his military experiance or non of that, but what does that matter? Just joining and being willing to defend our country so me and u can life to see another day! To have freedom so we can enjoy life!

This may not be the neatest post or organized post. =/ But im thankful for Chris and ALL other military workers! The present past and future solders! Yall are all heros to me and will always be! Srry for this day late post! and my 10000 typos that im sure are here =p

and again THANK YOU For this site and for ur services!